Our stories

Très cozy came about over brunch one day when two friends, Kara and Angelique, were talking about a community they wished existed. 


Kara Egelton, owner and founder of très barre studio and  barremommy is a certified Kinesiologist (FKQ). She is a health behavior, exercise & sport psychology consultant and lifestyle coach. Kara is a mom, a fitness instructor, a pre & post natal fitness expert, and an entrepreneur.

Kara has always had a passion for physical movement, music and dance. Her exercise is her happy place, her relaxation, it centers her, it is her… “meditation in motion”. Kara’s lifelong passion for fitness led her to a BSc in Kinesiology and an MA in Kinesiology specializing in Health Behaviour and Exercise Psychology.

Kara began her career as the only wellness program coordinator for a multi-site organization of over 15,000 employees, successfully developing and implementing their first ever employee wellness program. This program led to positive organizational changes resulting in permanent on-site wellness committee and daily activities. The success of these programs were published in scholarly journals. Kara continues to work with this multi-site organization among other corporate partners to offer workplace wellness programs, seminars, workshops and on-site fitness, kinesiology, and health behaviour consultations.


For over ten years Angelique Gay focused on mental health as a marketer in the pharmaceutical industry. In February 2014 she began the cozy sweater café blog as an outlet to share her passion for culture, travel and style.

What started as a creative experiment has turned into a successful blog that inspires people to follow their passion. Angelique has interviewed Grey’s Anatomy’s Giacomo Giannotti, Arrival’s Mark O’Brien, and césar winning actor Marc-André Grondin. After interviewing television & radio host Mitsou Gélinas, Angelique was hired as a freelance editor/writer of Mitsou.com; an on-line community that enriches the lives of women.

This experience has solidified for Angelique that the best way to be happy is to listen to your inner voice, get started, see where it takes you, and not let fear or uncertainty hold you back. You have to jump so that you can fly.

Join us for our second event “Ladies’ Night for the Soul” held at Kara’s studio on February 1st and 22nd, 2018 at 6:30 PM. Get your tickets here.